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Masts along the lines.
On open lines is about 60 m between the masts.

H-profile The first masts, from 1934, vere H-profile. They are still along the s-train lines.

Concrete, old type Is on the most s-lines. The last of them, were placed in Høje-Taastrup in eighties.

Mast width lattice, L-profile High masts width a cross span, and low mast for electricity transmission or hanging for both sides.

U-profile width lattice Were placed some points on the s-train line in eighties and nineties. The mast is pulling without a rope.

Concrete, new type Is on the line Kokkedal-Helsingør. The shown mast is the very which were erected for the long distance transport. The event took place the 9th-10th march 1982. It is on a point right north for Nivå station.

Brown masts Non corrode metal, where only the outer is rusted. The most electric rail-lines have masts of this material.

Electroplated masts Placed on the newest lines as the Sound line, the Frederikssund line and the Circle line.

Peberholm On Peberholm is svedish masts, but the voltage is still 25 kV, 50 Hz.

On Peberholm neither trains or cars have any stops.